The Las Vegas TenorsThe Las Vegas Tenors combine three of the most dynamic and powerful voices Vegas has to offer! Though the term "tenor" is commonly associated with classical music, these vocally versatile men of melody will shatter any preconceived notions you may have had about what it means to be a tenor. From rock 'n' roll to rhythm and blues and more, the Las Vegas Tenors do it all with the electric energy and pizzazz of the neon lights of Vegas. As former President George W. Bush recently told the group, "You boys do it exactly the way Vegas is supposed to do it!"

Boasting the cleanest and tightest vocal harmonies to ever grace the stage, The Las Vegas Tenors are the staple of what Las Vegas entertainment stands for now, and then… 

Originally formed in 2005, the Tenors were an immediate hit, playing showrooms not only all over Las Vegas, all over the world. The Tenors have also made numerous appearances on luxury cruse lines such as Royal Caribbean, and Holland America. There is no doubt that you’ll leave the showroom scratching your head asking why you haven’t seen them before.

Most people tend associate the term “Tenor” to classical or operatic style music. While that is a part of their show, the Las Vegas Tenors effectively round out the musical circle by doing Rock & Roll, Broadway Show Tunes, R & B, Country, 70’s, Gospel, and the hardest of them all - Requests!

Although the vocalists of the Tenors can change from time to time, co-founding member Bobby Black solidly anchors the group. Bobby’s credits alone are enough to make even the most seasoned and famous vocalists around the world stop and pay their respect.

Meet The Las Vegas Tenors

Paul Vann

Paul Vann is a singer, songwriter and entertainer originally from Lake City, Florida. As a singer, Paul began his career at Nashville’s Opryland USA.…

John Ross

Originally from the midwestern town of Lima, Ohio, John's love and passion for music, dance, art performance, and song have paved the way to hundreds…

Bobby Black

Bobby's musical talents have deep Southern Gospel roots. Bobby has been singing since the age of 3 at his local church and after attending Troy State…

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LVT: Christmas CD

The Las Vegas Tenors - Christmas CDIt's never to early to start your Christmas Music. If you don't have our Christmas cd please go by and download one. iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and plenty of other music stores will have our music to download. Let us know what you think if you already have it. Enjoy.


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